Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wow, yesterday was a great day! I got all the glowsticks Blake and I should need for our moon jellyfish halloween costume (I bought 210! Thank you Michaels!) AND a dress that I should be able to easily tailor for my nurse costume for our ww2 sailor/nurse kiss costume too. Hooray!

I also picked up a little book of Pablo Neruda love poems (I couldnt afford the big one with just my gift card, unfortunately), and my favourite raspberry passion tea lemonade - I even got a grande instead of a tall because he 'poured too much'. Woohoo!

Today I definitely haven't done as much, though I did really well on the wii fit (the distance run and a dozen weak pushups!) and spent a long time talking to Blake and being happy, so no real complaints here.

Bones and The Office tonight, looking forward to those.

I really really want some all dressed chips but we have none and I have no car today, so I think I'll go eat a popsicle.

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