Sunday, November 22, 2009

Craft Shows!

In the last two weeks, I've participated in two craft shows. They were so much fun!

The first was Craftilicious, a great show down in the Glebe. I brought crochet items and our glass light blocks, and surprisingly only sold crochet! I still made a respectable profit for my first show, the organizers were so great, and everyone was so talented and fun. Here I am at my table:

woohoo! Some closeups:

(everyone loved those cupcakes, but little kids kept thinking they were ice cream! ha ha) The hats were my biggest seller, and I learned that I really only need to make the large size.

blocks, brooches, and cowls. I love that blue cowl, but it didn't sell at this show.

more cowls, those ones are so neat (at least I think so!)

Craftilicious was a really long day, but overall it was a great first craft show experience.

Yesterday, I participated in a show at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Ottawa. I got a bigger table for a better price than at Craftilicious, so I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, the turnout was pretty low and only two of my sales came from people who weren't also selling there! Again though the organizers were super nice (and yet another shoutout to the bake sale ladies who gave my twin sister and I free kool-aid!) and I still made an alright profit, so I would do the show again next year.

My table:

Close-ups of my displays:

this is my earring rack I worked up the night before - a frame, some scrapbook paper, and some ribbon. I love the way it looks, but some earrings kept falling off so I'm going to have to think of something different for future shows.

a long box + a scarf = my necklace display board! I was pretty happy with how that looked, and then I just sat my few bracelets on the tablecloth in front of it.

I learned a few things about craft shows this month, and got some good ideas for my next (and probably last of the season) one coming up, where I'll be selling crochet and glass block present lights, like at Craftilicious. The show is December 5th at the Russell High School in Russell, about 20 minutes or so from Ottawa.

I can't sell my jewelry there since they already had plenty of jewelry sellers signed up, but if you're interested in anything you see here it will either be on sale in my etsy shop once I can get it photographed ( or will be for sale starting in December at a great new consignment shop thats opening up in Rockland, which I'll be posting all about soon!