Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phew, I've finally had a few days of rest now that the craft shows are over with. Its been nice to not have anything to do on a deadline, other than a school exam. (I also cleaned my room top to bottom, it is SO organized now!)

Tomorrow I'll be going to Rockland, to see the new consignment store thats opening up and will be selling some of my jewelry. I'm very excited to see it, it sounds so awesome and Juanita (the owner) is so enthusiastic about it that you can't help but get excited too! Its quite a drive from here though, so hopefully it doesn't snow anymore. Luckily I'll be driving our car, not the van, which should help.

I've been selling a few blocks and have a few requests for some, so that will keep me busy over the weekend.

The Russell Cadets Craft Show was last weekend, and it went pretty well! It wasnt as busy as I was hoping or expecting, but I met some nice people and had some sales, so it was good in the end. They had a nice variety of stuff, though there was a lot of things that weren't crafts at all! Maybe I'm out of touch with the craft show scene, but that seemed a little weird to me.

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