Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh no, I really fell behind on updating this blog! I've been so super busy with school and crocheting insanity in preparation for my shows, that I just kept forgetting!

I got a lot of stock built up for the first show. I'd like to finish a few more things next month, since I have the yarn to do some quick things, but I'm mostly all ready. I have business cards now, but I still have to design my signs and figure out pricing. I don't want to underestimate myself and the value of my hard work, but at the same time Im a thrifty person so I'm not so good at 'regular, appropriate' prices.

Yesterday afternoon I landed here in Atlanta, to spend the next three weeks with my boyfriend Blake. I'm on top of the world! He's at work now, so I'm catching up on homework and reading and also cleaned our room which will be a nice little surprise for him when he gets home I think :) I'll be doing the domestic thing while I'm here, doing more cooking since eating out all the time got expensive last time. Tomorrow is spicy nacho dorito chicken fingers for supper, which I havent made in awhile but they're super easy so I figured it was a good dish to start off with. Also planning some pasta suppers, chicken and stuffing, stirfrys, things like that. The challenge is getting vegetables/healthy things into this boy!

Things with our start up Etsy Team slowed to a stop for a few weeks, but I emailed everyone and we have the ball slowly rolling again. We've finally chosen a name, so stay tuned for updates on that and as soon as its available, the link to our group blog.

Seeing as how I'm in Atlanta and all my stock is at home, my etsy shop is in vacation mode (so mostly hidden, and nothing can be purchased) until I get back. I may be doing some custom work while I'm here though, to mail out from the states to save money, so that'll be something fun.

I'll definitely get back into the swing of updating, though it may not be too craft related while I'm here.